Our PDP Brand

 Professional Detailing Products manufactures time-tested and innovative solutions for the professional detailer, and the individual enthusiast. We have more than fifty years of experience, testing new solutions each year, resulting in proven products and techniques. 


PDP products are used by the most discriminating detailers: the ones who need the products to work quickly and effectively, and with inspiring results - because they depend on their product line, for their living.   


All of our products are not only tested by our own expert and experienced team, but also proven everyday in the detail bays at dealerships,  detail shops who do dealer and private work, car washes who provide detail services,  school bus fleets, fire departments, company fleets, and individuals who love keeping their vehicles looking awesome!


In our classes and seminars, our theme is always: how to save time, effort, and money.  How to produce superlative results most efficiently, with the most concentrated, effective products available.


This is our passion.  Combining decades of experience of what works, with a thirst for every new innovative product we can formulate or find. 


This is what makes it all interesting.  Products that solve new problems.  Products that create better results.  Products that make our customers more efficient and more profitable.  


This is our story.  We are here to share our experience and our passion for offering the best products in the industry.   We hope you will join us in our mission!   We learn every day from our customers who share their ideas.  We hope we can help your business or project grow and prosper, and produce shining results that we all share with pride.  


Welcome to PDP!