Learn the complete application process of Ceramic Coatings.  Ceramic Coatings are the hottest new category in the Detailing Industry.  Applying a coating adds a semi-permanent, 2-3 micrometer clear layer on the vehicles surface, producing an intense shine and hard shell protection for up to 4 years.

This class will walk you thru the necessary steps of claying, iron wash, removing scratches and imperfections, buffing the vehicle, panel wipe down, and then applying the coating itself, to the paint, trim, wheels, and glass.

Complete instruction on all aspects of Coating Application, including prep, paint correction, and exterior protection. Small individualized class with an IDA Recognized Trainer.

**Purchase of class now includes $300 of Product needed to complete your ceramic jobs**

               Upon completion of Class you will receive:

  •         50ml bottle of Perpetual
  •         1 Gallon of M91 Cherry Suds
  •         1 Gallon of PW100 Panel Wipe
  •         1 Gallon of R200 Iron Melt
  •         1 Gallon of WS1 Wonderspray
  •         1 CMGRAY - Fine Clay Mitt
  •         2 MSBB - Microsuede Blocks
  •         2 M16x16WBE – Blue Edgeless Waffle Towels
  •         2 M16x16NHB – Korean Edgeless Microfiber Towels
  •         1 box of Black Nitrile Gloves



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9am - 4pm

Classroom and Hands On

Ever thought of doing any of the following?

  • Begin learning the art of auto detailing

  • Brush up/ improve on your current skills  

  • Get some ideas of an effective process that improves production and quality too!

  • Learn the most innovative products, tools, processes and systems in the industry

If so, then this is the PDP class for you.  Let one of our qualified instructors spend a full day on the process of completely detailing a car.  Safety, product knowledge, application, process & procedure are explained in the classroom and hands-on performed in our training center.  Items to be discussed are:

  • Interior – Prep Process, Pre Spotting, Cleaners, Enzyme, Tools

  • Wet/Wash Bay – Cleaners, Degreasers, Tar, Bugs, Exterior Contaminants, Soaps, Accessories, Tools, Process

  • Interior – Carpets, Cleaners, Tornador, Extractors, Windows, Odor Removal, Process, Application

  • Exterior Buff – A deep look into Rotary vs. RO Buffers, Removal of Swirls, Scratches & Oxidation, Paint Protection, Technique, Application

This is a hands-on class that not only discusses products, dilution ratios, processes, application, tricks-of-the-trade, but actually puts the tools and products in your hands to learn firsthand, in our 4,000 square foot state-of-the-art National Training Center.

Sign up soon! spaces our limited.  Please contact us regarding any questions that you may have.



**By signing up and participating in a PDP class and/or seminar, you are agreeing to sign a Video/Picture Release Form. Upon arriving to the show, pictures and/or video may be taken for later use.


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