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Why PDP ?

PDP is a professional line of concentrated products made for professional users.  Each product is engineered to save T.E.M.: Time, Effort, and Money.  For  more than 30 years, professional users have depended on PDP to produce their desired results efficiently. Compare the concentrations of products and the eye-popping results achieved in minimal time.

1) Do you have other sizes of products available?

Yes, just about all PDP products (cleaners, degreasers, tire dressings) are available in quarts, gallons, 5 gallon pails, 5 gallon dispensers, 15 gallon drums, 30 gallon drums, 55 gallon drums, and 165 vertical storage tanks.

2) Can all sizes be shipped?

The quart, gallon, and 5 gallon sizes can be shipped FedEx, and the larger sizes of 15 gallon drums, 30 gallon drums, 55 gallon drums can be shipped by common carrier, FOB Canton, Ohio.

 3) Do I use PDP cleaners straight or cut them with water?

Great question!  PDP cleaners and degreasers are all concentrates and are meant to be diluted with water according to the job.  This is why customers will not be comparing "apples to apples" when comparing detailing cleaners.  All our products are high solids, meaning they are formulated for the highest concentration possible for professional use.  Please refer to the product label or description.  Dilution ratios are suggestions; the Detailer must assess the job and dilute intelligently according to need.  In most cases, one gallon will make you 5, 10 or 15 gallons of usable product!

4) Does this also apply to quart products with sprayers?

Yes!  We do not want to misrepresent the product in the quart sizes, so we put the same concentrated product in the quarts as we do the gallons, 5 gallon dispensers, etc.  We put the sprayer on the quart bottle for customer convenience.

5) Why do you carry multiple and similar products for the same job or application?

In addition to manufacturing our PDP line of cleaners, degreasers, dressings, soaps, and specialty products, we also distribute numerous major and minor lines that manufacture products or equipment for the detail industry.  In fact, we are so passionate about detailing, that we are always looking for that product or tool that will save time, effort, or money for a detailer.  So we have always had the philosophy: "Have everything for everybody!"  Our mission is to fulfill that search with the latest cutting edge products that shave time and effort off the detailing job, while producing superlative results.

6) There are so many trigger sprayers!  Which one should I pick?

The main thing to be aware of, is if the product you are using is water based or solvent based.  All cleaners and degreasers are water based and a standard trigger sprayer (#B52S or #921) is sufficient.  If you are spraying a solvent based product, which usually means an exterior dressing (D89, D109, D119, D129), then you should use a GRAY trigger sprayer (320CR or GRAY9).  The gray sprayers will last longer - they have viton seals which make them more resistant to the solvents.  If you are using an acid product, use the gold sprayer #320AR.  These are much more durable and last longer, because they have no metal parts that acid can degrade.   Here's a tip: if you really want to extend the life of your sprayers (particularly the ones used in solvent or acid), then keep a bucket of car wash soap handy, and every night flush the sprayers out and throw them in the bucket.

7) What's the advantage of microfiber towels and why so many different kinds?

Microfiber towels have become the standard towel for removing wax, cleaning glass, general cleaning, and also for drying/ removing water.  Depending on the various weights of the different towels, they are approximately 6X as absorbent as cotton!  They have as many as 90,000 fibers per square inch that create tiny "peaks and valleys" that grab wax and dirt, and hold in it in the towel, not re-transferring it to the surface you are cleaning.   The amount of fibers and the composition of the towel create a static cling that grabs wax and dirt like no other fiber.   Most microbers are either 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, or 70% polyester and 30% polyamide.    The polyamide is the absorbing material.   Recently to hit the market are 100% polyamide towels, which are giving the synthetic chamois a run for its money.   

You will find many different sizes and types of microfibers.   The standard one for removing wax is 16" x16".  Then you will find increasingly heavier weights that are more absorbent.  16"x24" is also a popular size.  The waffle towels have a bit more "grab" and are used for general cleaning, but are a towel of choice for cleaning glass.  The jumbo sizes (25" x36") are drying towels, and are great for removing your rinse after a car wash, or touching up and drying after using a water squeegie.

8) How do I choose the right cleaner or degreaser for my needs?

The first thing to determine is do you want a cleaner for interiors, or engines, jambs, wheels?  Certain degreasers made for the stronger jobs (to remove not just dirt, but grease, and baked in dirt) will not have the same rinseability off carpet and fabric as interior cleaners will.  They will rinse free off metal easily, but will be hard to remove from carpet or fabric.   So if you are cleaning interiors, stick with P99 Pinkstuff or DC102 Free and Easy Interior Cleaners.   For tougher jobs, and to clean engines, use J30 Greenstuff or MP50 Orange Power Degreasers.  These 2 degreasers are certainly among the strongest on the market, having a strong affinity for dirt AND grease.   Orange Power uses a water based citrus solvent as a cleaning additive.  H96 Hotstuff is an alternative for a economical high alkaline degreaser - do not use this product on interiors!  

The best All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser for both interiors and engines is DC103 Free and Clean.   Free and Clean (also Free and Easy, and Free Ride for wheels) are non-toxic cleaners that use no caustics at all, freeing the user from inhaling caustics.   Most detailers know what you mean when you refer to the "cough"-  coming after that first inhalation after the first spray of material.   There is no "cough" with Free and Clean.   And it is an awesome cleaner for all surfaces: metal, fabric, carpet, vinyl,  rinsing free and leaving no residue, just a clean surface!

For wheels, there three choices:   AF901 Acid Free Wheel Cleaner, A95 Silverado, and A90 Acid Cleaner.   We recommend using AF901 Acid Free Wheel Cleaner for obvious safety reasons.  Unfortunately the tougher jobs and the market still demands the acid wheel cleaners, which do clean the wheel from brake dust completely, and often with no brushing.   (A95 Silverado and A90 Acid Cleaner are products we cannot ship- they must be purchased at our location or a distributor's location).  When using the A95 Silverado, or the stronger A90 Acid Cleaner, first allow the wheel to cool- do not spray on a hot wheel.  You must wear gloves and goggles and be careful where you spray on the product.  Avoid the center caps, and just apply to the metal wheel.  Do not allow product to dwell - have a hose ready and flush with plenty of water immediately.  You also must be aware of your wheel finish when using an acid wheel cleaner-  certain cheaper aftermarket alloys can be damaged.  Chrome wire wheels are fine of course, but polished aluminum (like the pontoons on a float boat) may turn dull and whitish.   That all being said, once again we want to recommend the AF901 Acid Free Wheel Cleaner for everyday use!  It is plenty strong, and will break down the brake dust -  you will need a soft flagged bristled brush to lightly agitate before flushing.   For wheels that have not been cleaned on a regular basis, you may need to spend a bit more time with a crevice brush.

9) What is your best recommendation for interior dressing?  and for tire dressing?

Also there are many choices for dressing a vehicle, inside and out!  There are two categories:  Interior and Exterior.  And two distinctions: Water based and Solvent based.  One further distinction is: Silicone and Non-Silicone.

Water based Dressings are used for the Interior (vinyl, rubber, leather).    Solvent based Dressings are used on the Exterior (tires, trim, bumpers).  That being said, you can also definitely use Water based Dressings on the Exterior.  In fact, in recent years, we have formulated some awesome water based dressings that shine and last on tires and trim.    (Water based Dressings are also used on the engine, because solvent dressings can be flammable!)

Most dressings use silicone- this is what provides the shine.  Non-Silicone Dressing were developed for use in body shop situations, because silicone products can fisheye fresh paint.   Non-Silicone Dressing is available as a water base product and a solvent base product.

Choices for Interior Dressings (all water base) include:

1) D120 New Era - a great wipe-on dressing that has a rich shine and great longevity 

2) D100  Formal Dress -  a 2:1 concentrate for a high shine; also great for engines

3) D115 Finishing Touch -  a ready to use sprayable dressing for vinyl and rubber

Choices for Tire Dressings (both solvent and water base) include:

1) D89 Black Diamond - a super high shine and durable "spray and walk away" product  (solvent base)

2) D109 Super Blue, D119 Crystal Blue, D129 Ice are also all great choices for a high shine, durable product that you spray on and let dry.  The difference between the three is slight, but lies in the amount of shine:  D129 Ice is the thickest product with the most solids.  D119 Crystal Blue is in the middle with good body to it and a high shine.  D109 Super Blue is the most economical high shine dressing for large shops.  (all solvent base)

3) D120 New Era is an awesome alternative to solvent based exterior products because it's a water base that acts like a solvent base!!  A super high shine thats repels water thru several rainstorms!  The best applicator to use with it for tires is the #2250. It's too thick to spray.  Wiping it on produces less waste behind the tire and on the rim, and less mess on your floor or concrete.  Another advantage here is that you can also use for the interior.

4) Finally, a truly revolutionary method has evolved with the D125 Reflection AirCoat Dressing. A water based prouct that also produces the results of a solvent base, only better!! Use an HVLP gun with air pressure to apply a pinpoint accurate and super high shine coating to your tires.  No waste and no wiping.  No need to wipe down the rims after.  And the result is an incredibly high shine that lasts for weeks.  Great for end of line at Car Washes!  Your customers will be impressed!!